ABO-K - BlushOn, Highlighter -  Atiqa Odho Color Cosmetics
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ABO-K - BlushOn, Highlighter - Atiqa Odho Color Cosmetics

Product Code: Z-ABO-K

Atiqa Odho-ABO Blushon Kit has 10 lovely colours that make up a whole range. This kit is easy to use as has several blushon colours in it for easier carrying purposes. The kit is light in weight but sturdy as has a plastic cover to protect the powders. The kit colours range from Pinks, Browns, Oranges which include shimmer highlighter colours as well as matte brown contouring shades in it. All in one! 

Key Features

  • 10 High Pigment Quality Blushon / Highlighter / Contouring & Bronzer Powders Kit
  • Easy to Carry & Easy to Use
  • Used by Customers & Industry Professionals
  • Super Pigment Powders
  • Good Colour Application with Light Feel
  • ISO Certified by Foreign Manufacturer
Rs 2,500.00
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